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Priest and Administrator of Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Canada, Keraneyo Medhane Alem

Father Gabre Mikael, Head Priest and Administrator of Medhane Alem

In 1974, Father Gabre Mikael first visited the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), (Keraneyo) Medhane Alem, located at 1066 Avenue Road.  He wanted to find out about his roots, vine and fig-tree.  Father Gabre Mikael was interested to know the true interpretation of the Bible and to know the true way of worship according to EOTC tradition.


In 1977, Father Gabre Mikael was baptised along with his wife Atsede Mariam.  In the following years they would have four children baptised in both Medhane Alem in Toronto and Holy Trinity in Kingston, Jamaica.

Throughout Father Gabre Mikael's time as a member of Medhane Alem, located at 425 Vaughan Road, he served as Treasurer of the Building Fund, Chairman of the Brotherhood and Treasurer of the Trustee Board.


Due to a need for clergy pointed out by late Archbishop, His Eminence Abune Yesehaq in 1993, Father Gabre Mikael was unanimously voted to become a Reader by its members.  He later was ordained as a Deacon in 1996.

Throughout the years, the church was frequently in need of a full-time Priest and more larger place of worship.  In 1999, the church purchased its new building and moved from 425 Vaughan Road to 23 Denison Road East.  Prior to the buildings consecration, Father Gabre Mikael was summoned to Kingston, Jamaica to be ordained Priest in charge of Medhane Alem by His Eminence Abune Yesehaq.  This was to the surprise and excitement of the members at Medhane Alem.

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23 Denison Road East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9N 1B6

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