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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Canada Medhane Alem Board Administration

Father Gabre Mikael

Head Priest/Administrator of the Board of Trustees

Throughout Father Gabre Mikael's time as a member of Medhane Alem, located at 425 Vaughan Road, he served as Treasurer of the Building Fund, Chairman of the Brotherhood and Treasurer of the Trustee Board.

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Haile Gabriel

Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees

In 2009, Haile Gabriel visited the EOTC Medhane Alem.  He was baptised in 2009.  In 2015, Haile Gabriel married his wife Welete Medhin at Medhane Alem.  He has a dual role of being the Vice Chairman of Trustees and Deacon as of 2017.

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Wolete Selassie

General Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Wolete Selassie and her husband Tiwolde Medhin became a member of the EOTC in 1977 and were baptised in 1979. Welete has held the role of General Secretary for more than 30 years.  She has over 5 children and 6 grand children baptised in the church.

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Gabre Hiwot

Treasurer of the Board of Trustees

Gabre Hiwot has been a member since 1998.  First, he served as Assistant Treasurer and now he is Treasurer of the Board of Trustees.  Gabre is a devoted member of the church who serves humbly.

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Kristos Semra

Recording Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Kristos Semra first visited the EOTC Medhane Alem in 2002 and then baptized in 2006.  Semra was married to her husband Deacon Haile Mariam in Medhane Alem and now has 4 beautiful children.  In 2017, Semra became a member of the Board of Trustees and brings along many talents.

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Sahlu Mariam

Financial Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Sahlu Mariam was born and baptized into the Church.  He was elected as Financial Secretary in 2017, but also provides IT support.


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