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Church Hierarchical Structure and Medhane Alem Clergy

Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Synod in Ethiopia


With the encouragement of the newly elected Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, reconciliation talks between the two rival synods began anew, and on July 27, 2018 representatives from both synods reached an agreement. Abune Merkorios was brought back to Ethiopia as Patriarch alongside Abune Mathias, who will continue to be responsible for administrative duties, and the two synods were merged into one synod.


On August 1, 2018, Abune Merkorios entered Ethiopia for the first time in 26 years, flying together with Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Tracing its roots back to the fourth century, the Orthodox church is Ethiopia's largest, gathering 38 million people, according to the World Council of Churches.

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23 Denison Road East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9N 1B6

Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of the Western Hemisphere (1933 - 2005)


His Eminence Abune Yesehaq was borne on June 27, 1933 in Adwa, Ethiopia, from Grazmach Mandefro and Woizero Welete Meskel.


At the age of seven, he was enrolled in Abune Gerima Monastry, where he learned reading, writing and comprehension skills in Geez and Amharic. He also acquired the necessary hymnal and liturgical knowledge and skills for his future spiritual service. He received the rite of a monk, and was ordained a priest by the Archbishop of Mekele at the time, Abune Yesehaq. He served for ten years at the Monastery of Abune Gerima for ten years.

abuna yeshaq.jpg
Archbishop of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Canada


His Eminence Abune Demetros is the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Eastern Canada and surrounding areas.

His Eminence Abune Demetros, Archbishop of the Diocese of Eastern Canada
Priest and Administrator of Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Canada, Keraneyo Medhane Alem

In 1974, Father Gabre Mikael first visited the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), Keraneyo Medhane Alem, located at 1066 Avenue Road.  He was interested to find out about his roots, vine and fig-tree.  Father Gabre Mikael was interested to know the true interpretation of the Bible and to know the true way worship of his ancestors.

Deacons of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church In Canada, Keraneyo Medhane Alem
Since 2017, Haile Gabriel and Haile Mariam were ordained Deacons by Archbishop, His Eminence Abune Merkios.  Abune Merkios also ordained two young Anagus Haile Mikael and Amha Selassie.
Photo from S Douglas
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