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The Covenant of Mercy Kidane Mehret (ኪዳነ ምሕረት)

Yekatit 16 / February 23 – The Covenant of Mercy – Kidane Mehret (ኪዳነ ምሕረት)

Kidane Mehret is a Ge'ez phrase meaning the Covenant of Mercy, which is celebrated on 16 Yekatit / February 23. According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church tradition and order, the Feast of Kidane Mehret is one of the 33 Feasts of Holy Virgin Saint Mariam. On this day Our Holy Mother received the Covenant of Mercy from her Son Eyesus Kristos as was written in the Holy Book of Te'amire Mariam.

Psalm 89:3

“ I have made a covenant with my chosen”

The Covenant of Mercy From the Book of the Miracles Saint Mariam

(Te’amire Mariam)

One day our Lord and Savior Eyesus Kristos said unto Holy Virgin Mariam, "What sorrow can be greater than that which came upon thee for My sake?" And our Lady Mariam said unto Him, "O my Lord and God, there were Five Sorrows that came upon me for Thy sake, and they overcame me mightily.

1. The First of them was that which came upon me when Simeon prophesied concerning Thee in the Sanctuary, saying that the Jews would slay Thee.

2. The Second was the sorrow I endured when I lost Thee in the Sanctuary, and I was seeking for Thee for three days.

3. The Third was the sorrow I endured when I remembered how they had bound Thee hand and foot, and how Pilate's men scourged Thy back.

4. The Fourth was the sorrow I endured when they crucified Thee between two thieves on the day of the Eve of the Sabbath, and Thou wast naked, and they drove five nails through Thy flesh.

5. The Fifth sorrow I endured when I remembered how Joseph and Nicodemus took Thee down from the Cross, and swathed Thee in fine linen, and laid Thee in the tomb."

And our Lord said unto her who had given Him birth, "Thus saith our Father Who is in heaven: Whosoever shall keep in remembrance the sorrows and sufferings which have come upon thee for My sake, and the salutation of Gabriel, I will remit to him his sins. And whosoever shall give an offering for thy name's sake I will remit to him his sins, and I will make him to inherit the kingdom of heaven. And I will come unto him with thee, O thou who didst give Me birth, and I will appear to him three days before his death." This was the Covenant, which Christ made with His Holy Mother, and She told it unto Dexius, who wrote it down, together with Her Miracles, so that all believers might read it.

May Kidane Mehret's prayer and blessing be with us forever and ever. Amen!

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