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Friday Night Bible Studies and Choir practice

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Bring a friend and your Bible and be filled with food-your-soul and knowledge.

Good Evening and Happy New Year, Everyone!  The Education Dept. and the Youth Association will be working together to provide “Friday Night Bible Study Sessions” which will be beginning tomorrow night starting @8pm. Also, A “Tewahedo Youth Program” will be commencing as well for the children to learn more about their Faith, Worship, Saints, Hymns  and the Bible. This program will be held every other Friday night, alternating between the “Friday Night Adult Amharic Class”. **Smiles, Love and Refreshments shall be provided.**  *The Main Topic for the Adult Bible Study shall be about:  -  The Gospel of St. Matthew.   *Our congregation selected hot sub-topic shall be:   - “Egypt’s relevance to Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodoxy”  • Tha topic for the Tewahedo Youth program will be: “the New Year”  We look forward to seeing you.

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