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Tsinseta LeMariam-ፅንሰታ ለማርያም : Annunciation of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mariam

Joachim and Hannah were God-fearing people and were known for their humbleness and compassion. They were very old in days, and they had produced no child, for Hannah was barren, and they were exceedingly sorrowful because of this. once upon a time Joachim and Hannah watch as the doves play with their chicks and said, “God who even gave children to these birds When will he give us a child?” and they wept bitterly. As they were praying slumber descended upon them and they slept. In their dream God revealed to them the good will of God. Joachim in his dream He saw in Hannah's bosom the sweetest fruit of all time. And Hanna Sow the rod of Joachim blossoms, and brought flowers, and fruits. They woke up from their sleep and talked about their dreams and prayed for God's will for them. They made a vow that if they had a child, they would dedicate that child to the service of God.

After this on Sunday, Nehase 7 (August 13) our Lady the Blessed Holy Virgin Mariam was conceived. Hannah became pregnant in her old age, and her relatives and countrymen were amazed, and they were coming and visiting her. The daughter of Arsaban, who was blind She came to Hannah and touched her stomach to make sure Hannah was pregnant. When she touched her eye in surprise, her eyes opened. Another time her cousin died of an illness; Hannah went to the house where his body was laying because she loved him. As she arrived, she cried around the bed, and her shadow falls on him. Suddenly the dead man rose and testified that Hannah is very honored because her daughter will be the Mother of Our God. Holy mother Hanna conceived forthwith, and brought forth our Holy Mother, the Virgin Mariam, the God-bearer. The Blessed Holy Virgin Mariam was preserved from Original Adam Sin from the very moment of her conception and persevered throughout her life with out personal sin.

May Her intercession and blessings be with us now and forever. Amen.

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