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The Fast of the Holy Apostles-ፆመ ሐዋርያት

The Fast of the Apostles is also known as the Fast of Sene(June). The length of the Fast is variable, being determined by the date of Easter. The day of Pentecost comes seven weeks after Easter, which also varies with the day of Easter. That means if the feast of Easter occurs sooner, then the Apostle's Fast is longer; if Easter comes later, then the Apostle's Fast is shorter. The Fast of the Holy Apostles begins on the first Monday after Pentecost and lasts until July 12 (Hamele 5) with the observance of the Feast day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Immediately after receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Apostles began fasting with prayer as part of their preparation for their departure from Jerusalem to spread the message of Our Lord and Savior Eyesus Kristos. They also wanted to praise God for the grace of the Holy Spirit they received and all the good things that God had done for them.

When we participate in the Fast of the Apostles, we the faithful will remember the lives of the Holy Apostles, and we are taught to imitate them. God gave us His Spirit so that we are never alone along the path of salvation. With fasting we need to pray more, attend church services more and be extra generous to others.

May the blessing of the work of His Holy Apostles be with us all. Amen!

The Consecration of the First Holy Virgin Mariam Church in Caesarea-ህንፀተ ቤተክርስቲያን

On this day our Lord and Savior Eyesus Kristos built the Church of the Blessed Holy Virgin Mariam for the first time in Caesarea, in the province of Chalcedon with Three stones, but without wood and mud and without water. In the eighth year of our Lord's ascension, St. Paul and St. Barnabas went to Philippi, preached in the name of Our Lord and Savior Eyesus Kristos, baptized many gentiles, and wanted to build a Church for them.

After nineteen years from Our Lord's ascension or four years after the ascension of the Holy Virgin Mariam, the Apostles gather for praying and fasting and asked God for His will to build a Church for Christians. Our Lord and Savior listened to their prayer and descended from heaven to them. He took them to the east and told them I came to show you and guide you on how to build the Churches around the world in the name of my Mother, the Holy Virgin Mariam. He picked three stones and measured the height, twenty four cubits and the width, twelve cubits and gave the stones to the Holy Apostles to use them to build the Church.

The Holy Apostles started to build the Church guided by Our Lord using only the three stones they received. Stones were melting like wax in their hands until they finished building the Church. The first Church in the world dedicated to Holy virgin Mariam was finished and consecrated on Sene 20/ June 27. On the next day Sene 21/June 28 heavenly bread and wine(the Holy Eucharist) came down to the Church and they participated in the Holy Mass. Our Lord led the Mass as High Priest and when finished He gave them the Holy Communion.

Sene Golgotha - ሰኔ ጎልጎታ

On Sene 21/ June 28 our Holy Mother went to Golgotha, also to the tomb of our Lord and Savior Eyesus Kristos to pray. She always went since the time of Her Son's crucifixion. She started praying and begging Her Son to accept Her pleading and supplication not only for the righteous but also for the sinners who call upon Her name. She said: "Oh my Lord, and my Son I have carried you in my womb for nine months and five days, and breast fed you, carried you for four years on my back from country to country with famine and thirst. Listen to my prayers and send me the Angles of Light and Forgiveness to fulfill the desires of my heart." Our Lord and Savior hearing His Mother's prayers and supplication, came down to Her in His glory, with his Holy Angels. The Holy Virgin Mariam was marveled when she saw her Son with such Glory.

Her Son promised her that He will forgive those who celebrate Her commemoration, call upon Her name, or give alms to the poor even if it were only a cup of cold water. The full story is written in the book of Sene Golgotha.

May Her prayers and intercession be with us, Amen!

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